Did you know that we currently have several customers who purchase our gift cards at a discount from the value, then resell them at full value to their supporters and apply the difference for their church or charitable cause?

Why is this such a good idea for your supporters? Because your charitable supporters get full value for their donation and may still be able to deduct the contribution on their federal income tax return.

Here is an example: You purchase a $100 Home Depot gift card or merchandise credit from our website at $90 (based on current pricing). When you purchase the card, you can begin to market the card to your charitable supporters. The pitch: For your $100 donation, your organization will provide the $100 Home Depot card. If one of your supporters is planning a house project or in need of repair and would spend the money at Home Depot anyway – it is a perfect match!

Then, your supporter pays you the $100 contribution in exchange for the gift card. Your cause realizes $10 in the transaction!

This not only works for Home Depot but for many other merchants that your supporters may be frequenting: Meijer, Walmart, Lowes, Target, TJ Maxx, JCPenney, Macy’s, OfficeMax, Michaels and many, many more! Each card may have a different spread between your purchase price and the full card value.

Contact us for pricing to give it a try!