Recently, we renovated our deck.  Of course, we waited until the end of the summer to do it but that is another story.  My wife had done all the shopping in the spring and wanted to buy a Allen + Roth Newstead Loveseat and Coffee Table set.  Full Price at Lowe’s in the Spring:  $645.

Once the deck was complete in mid-September, we went back to Lowe’s to buy the furniture.

We were in luck!  They still had two of the exact same sets in stock.  However, now they were marked down 70% to $169.  That was great news!

However, we had done a little bit of planning as well prior to the purchase.  You see, we had purchased a 20% Home Depot coupon via eBay to use as a competitor match coupon at Lowe’s.  They accepted it, no problem.

Also, we had purchased some Lowe’s discount gift cards at 15% savings and paid at the register with those.

So, the total savings from the original Spring purchase price:

$645 original price

less $476 in-store clearance savings at 70%

less $34 savings via 20% off Home Depot coupon match

less $20 savings via 15% off discount Lowes gift cards

Total Savings $530 or 82% off original value.

My wife saved so much money that she bought two of them and we sold one via her contacts on Facebook for $150 cash – which netted us $36 more dollars!

Grand Total:  $566 in savings at 88% off original value.

Don’t believe me?  I attached the receipt.