Have you ever wondered how to sell gift cards and merchandise credit in-store or in-person for cash?  Visit QuickcashMI.com and read below to find out!

How to Sell My Gift Card In-Store or In-Person

How do I sell my gift card in-store or in-person for cash?

Simply visit our location and bring with you the physical plastic card and a valid drivers license.  We will give you an offer to buy the card.  If you accept, you receive cash immediately.

Step 1: Verify the balance on the gift card or merchandise credit.

For most cards, you can verify the balance by turning the card over and following the instructions on the back.  Generally, merchants will provide a phone number to call or a website to visit.  Simply follow the instructions and provide the merchant with the gift card number and pin which can be found on the back of the card as well.

What do I need to bring to sell my gift card?

You will need to bring the physical plastic gift card and your valid drivers license or identification card.  You do not need to bring the original receipt or merchandise credit return receipt.

Do you accept store and merchandise credits?

Yes.  Just treat the merchandise credit as a gift card when selling your cards.

Do you accept paper certificates or coupons?


What do you do when I bring in the gift card?

We verify the balance remaining on the card by using the instructions on the back of the card.

How much cash will I receive for my gift card?

Our payouts range widely based on the merchant.  The price that we offer may fluctuate daily and is based on the market at the time of purchase.  Call your local store for current pricing.

What brands / merchants do you accept?

We accept all major and most local merchants.  From time to time we may limit our purchases of certain brands / merchants so please contact us for details.

Your Warranty and Ownership Transfer

When you sell us a physical or electronic gift card or merchandise credit, you warrant that

  1. you have not obtained the gift card illegally
  2. the Gift Card is valid
  3. the Gift Card is redeemable for the amount of credit that you state
  4. that you have not in any way retained a way to redeem the Gift Card after selling the card
  5. the Gift Card and any interest therein is fully transferable to CRP Investments LLC
  6. you are the sole lawful owner of the Gift Card and all interests thereto
  7. the Gift Card is not subject to any liens, obligations, or encumbrances of a third party
  8. you shall comply with all other requirements to complete the Gift Card transaction, including, without limitation, shipping instructions, required by the Service.

When does ownership of the gift card transfer?

We you sell us a physical gift card, ownership of the gift card transfers when we receive the gift cards, verify the unused balance on the cards, and issue payment for the gift cards.  When you sell us an electronic gift card, ownership of the gift card transfers when we verify the balance on the cards and issue your payment.

What if something happens to the cards when they are being handled by USPS?

You are responsible for the cards until we take delivery of the cards at our location and check the balance.  Even if you use the free USPS shipping label that we provide, you are still responsible for the value of the cards until delivery of the cards is completed and the balance verified.  We strongly recommend that you utilize tracking confirmation for your package.  If you have a very large balance of cards to be shipped, you might choose to utilize the USPS Registered Mail service at your expense.

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