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Sell My Gift Card Online

Trade Unused Gift Cards Online for a Check

How to Sell My Gift Card Online

How do I sell my gift card online for a check?

Click on our Sell My Gift Cards section to get started.  For most merchants, we will mail you a check within 1 business day of receiving your cards.

Step 1: Verify the balance on the gift card or merchandise credit.

For most cards, you can verify the balance by turning the card over and following the instructions on the back.  Generally, merchants will provide a phone number to call or a website to visit.  Simply follow the instructions and provide the merchant with the gift card number and pin which can be found on the back of the card as well.

How do I know I'll receive payment after sending you my gift cards online?

We strive to deal with our customers with honesty and integrity and expect the same from our customers.  We are a Top Rated Seller on eBay.  Click here to see our latest feedback ratings.

Do you accept store and merchandise credits?

Yes.  Just treat the merchandise credit as a gift card when selling your cards.

Do you accept paper certificates or coupons?


What is the payout I will receive for my gift card?

Check the website for our current pricing.  The price that we offer may fluctuate daily and is based on the market at the time of purchase.

What brands / merchants do you accept?

We do not accept all major and most local merchants.  From time to time we may limit our purchases of certain brands / merchants so please check the Sell My Gift Cards site for details.

How long does it take to get paid?

Once we receive your gift cards, we usually process them and issue payment within one business day.  The check is send via USPS First Class mail which typically takes 3-7 business days to reach your address.

Why am I required to enter my Credit Card Information for Redeem Online Transactions?

We require this information to ensure that our marketplace remains at a high standard of integrity and to reduce problems with fraud and retaining the balance on our gift cards.  If you prefer not to retain this information on file with us, please use the In-Mail redemption method.

When using the Online redemption method, you are required to enter and retain a valid credit or debit card on file with us.  Prior to the sale, we will verify that the card information and your identity is valid by authorizing (but not capturing or charging) a very small dollar value transaction on the card that you have provided.  If successful, this transaction will then be voided.

Some gift card sales transactions may require that we authorize – but not capture or finalize the sale – of a larger dollar value on this card.  If all goes well with the gift cards sale transaction, the authorization will expire after 7 days and your card will not be charged.   If the gift card sale transaction goes bad, we may capture or finalize the sale of this transaction to recoup any lost payout.

Your Warranty and Ownership Transfer

When you sell us a physical or electronic gift card or merchandise credit, you warrant that

  1. you have not obtained the gift card illegally
  2. the Gift Card is valid
  3. the Gift Card is redeemable for the amount of credit that you state
  4. that you have not in any way retained a way to redeem the Gift Card after selling the card
  5. the Gift Card and any interest therein is fully transferable to QuickcashMI
  6. you are the sole lawful owner of the Gift Card and all interests thereto
  7. the Gift Card is not subject to any liens, obligations, or encumbrances of a third party
  8. you shall comply with all other requirements to complete the Gift Card transaction, including, without limitation, shipping instructions, required by the Service.

Once you confirm a sale of a gift Card to us, you agree to transfer ownership of the Gift Card and any interest therein to us.  You agree that no portion of the Gift Card and any interest therein will be redeemed at any point subsequent to the transaction.  You further agree that you will be charged a replacement fee if the Gift Card proves to be invalid according to the terms of the transaction.  The replacement fee will be equal to the balance that you reported at the time of the transaction plus an additional $10 service fee.

When does ownership of the gift card transfer?

When you sell us a physical gift card, ownership of the gift card transfers when we receive the gift cards, verify the unused balance on the cards, and issue payment for the gift cards.  When you sell us an electronic gift card, ownership of the gift card transfers when we verify the balance on the cards and issue your payment.