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eBay Consignment Sales

Have Stuff to Sell on eBay?

Sell It With Quickcash!

We will handle your eBay Consignment sale from appraisal to shipping.
No upfront fees for Auction style listings.
Minimum appraisal amount of $60.
Payment occurs 3 weeks after item sale.

We will sell your stuff on eBay!

About eBay Consignment Sales

How do I sell my stuff on eBay with QuickcashMI?

Simply visit our location and bring with you the items you intend for us to list on eBay.  We will handle the process including:  appraisal, marketing, creating the listing, accepting payment, shipping, and dispute resolution.  The minimum accepted appraisal amount is $60 per item.  You will generally receive payment approximately 14 days after the item has been received by the buyer.

What kinds of items sell on eBay well?

eBay is a popular marketplace for collectibles, electronics, sporting goods, and toys.  Larger items generally do not sell well on eBay because it costs more to ship a large, heavy item and the shipping cost will erode the price a buyer is willing to pay.  New and unopened items sell better than used items.

What are the fees?

Our commission is 35% of the item sold price.  For regular no reserve price auctions, we do not charge an upfront fee.  For custom auctions or Buy It Now listings, we charge an upfront fee.  Please contact us for the current fees.

When will I receive payment?

You will receive payment when the 14 day warranty period expires after the buyer receives the item.   Generally, the process takes approximately 45 days from item drop off.  You will receive you payment via check.

Do you have a minimum dollar amount for acceptable items?

Yes.  Your item must appraise for a minimum of $60.  Sorry, we cannot combine items to meet the minimum amount.