Recently, we changed our policy regarding Free Shipping.  Now, an order above $75 will qualify for Free Shipping.  An order below $75 will be charged a shipping fee of $1.50.

Are you wondering why we recently changed our shipping fee and our order limit to qualify for free shipping?

On Sunday January 17, 2016 we were notified by USPS that a fee increase was implemented.  So, it now costs us $2.60 for the postage to send our standard envelopes via USPS with confirmation tracking.  Last year at this time, postage for the same package cost $1.93.  So, the increase in postage for us is $0.67 per package or 35%.  Doesn’t sound like much?  Consider that we ship hundreds of packages per month and you can start understand the issue.

The good news:  we still don’t charge a shipping fee for orders over $75.  Also good news:  even for an order under $75 we don’t charge our full postage fee.  So, really the fee is designed to be an incentive to entice our customers to order slightly more cards in an order.  This allows us to spread out the higher postage fee over a larger average order.

Remember there should never be a fee for shipping on electronic cards.  However, our system doesn’t differentiate between electronic and physical cards.  So, if you receive a shipping fee on an order and don’t think it is correct, please contact us and we can refund the shipping fee, if applicable.

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